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Reach A Wider Audience With A Multilingual Website

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Multilingual Website

If you have foreign customers or a business that is trying to break into a new market, a multilingual website should form a major part of your marketing tools. This will go a long way to generating a user-friendly experience for your customers and, at the end of the day, that is what we want. This is where we come in.

Text Rum, now owned by WordApp, is a company dedicated to fulfilling all your web content creation, translation and copywriting requirements. We aim to provide the best experience for all our customers, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Read more about Text Rum here.

Translation and Content

Our translation and content teams are very similar in their approach when it comes to the services we provide. It’s a three-part process that starts with native translators and writers, followed by specialist proofreaders. This is followed by a review conducted by our specialists.

The final step that is part of every project we undertake, is that of quality assurance. QA is done to ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies they may have slipped through the cracks. We are serious about our work.

Multilingual Website

A multilingual website has many benefits, including reaching a more extensive audience, and improving communication between your product/service and your client base. It also:

  • Gives your company a search engine increase
  • Increases your audience tenfold
  • Opens your page to a higher ranking due to less competition

We Are Multilingual and Multitalented!

As we have discussed, a multilingual website is a must for any business wanting to reach a global audience. It connects people with your product or service, not to mention massively increasing your sales. Still not convinced?

Localising your website means your customers will feel more at ease, knowing they can shop online and understand exactly what they are purchasing. Combine that with carefully chosen keywords and SEO, and you have a winning formula on your hands. There really is no reason not to.